The Low Crawl Life

The only thing more awesome than our customers is our customer's kids. Low Crawl Gear was founded on the idea that your kids should be able to wear high-quality, fun, patriotic apparel just like their freedom-loving parents! We are a family-owned company in Southwest Wisconsin, where all of our apparel is printed. Our owners are law enforcement veterans with young children, who joined the ranks after September 11th  in order to serve our community and our country. We are proud supporters of the men and women who serve our country as soldiers and first responders, working tirelessly everyday to defend our freedom and keep our communities safe.

Low Crawl Gear is an extension of our own lifestyle - teaching our kids about their American heritage, respect for members of our armed forces and our first responders, the outdoors, hunting, fishing, the Second Amendment and protecting the sacred freedoms we enjoy here as Americans.